3 – 4 June 2021

Event Videos

Day 1

Formal Opening

Session 1: Disaster management and prevention

Session 2: Environmental monitoring and forecasting

Session 3: Health, e-health and personalized medicine 

Session 4: AI for SMMEs growth and economic recovery

Session 5: Smart cities

Session 6: Smart PA and services to citizens

01 BigData – Formal Opening

H.E. Paolo Cuculi – Ambassador of Italy to South Africa

02 BigData – Formal Opening

Daan du Toit – Deputy Director-General – Department of Science and Innovation

03 Sanzio Bassini

IFAB – International Foundation Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for Human Development

04 Happy Sithole

Council for Scientific and Industrial Research – The National Integrated Cyber Infrastructure System – NICIS

05 David Fabi – Italian Civil Protection

Civil Protection: a tested system – Disaster management and prevention

06 Dechlan Pillay & Alpheus Mashigo – Department of Cooperative Governance

An integrated and coordinated approach to disaster management

07 Luigi Lupoli – Leonardo & Lucia Luzietti – Head of Emergency services and operations (e GEOS)

Emergencies and disaster management

08 Morwapula Mashalane – Remote Sensing Scientist, SANSA

Earth Observation in Disaster management: Risk reduction and Mitigation

09 Pasquale Lelio Lapadre and Paola Inverardi – University of L’Aquila

HPC for disaster resilience: a value chain approach – The HPC4DR project

10 Guido Rianna – CMCC & Antonio Tirri – Leithà, Gruppo Unipol

European Extreme Events Climate Index (E3CI ): an operational service for weather-induced hazard assessment and management

11 Peter Lukey – Chief Director: Knowledge and Information Management – Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment

Technological tools for environmental governance

12 Francesco Briotti – Leonardo & Fabio Volpe – e GEOS

Environmental monitoring with EO satellite and disaster management 

13 Mary Jane Bopape – South Africa Weather Service

The South African Weather Service forecasting systems

14 Jonathan Mapelli – University of Modena and Reggio Emilia

Predictive medicine: where are we now and where are we going to

15 Jabu Mtsweni – Head of Information and Cyber Security Centre – Council for Scientific and Industrial Research

The Impact of Data Insights for Decision Making in Fighting COVID-19 

16 Marco Viceconti – Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli

World Population Prospects

17 Caradee Wright – South African Medical Research Council

Exploring the intersection of precision medicine and environmental health: where ‘cure’ and prevention meet

18 Rita Cucchiara – University of Modena and Reggio Emilia

University and SMES collaboration in Computer Vision and Deep Learning

19 Kanyiso Walaza – Department of Cooperative Governance

New opportunities for SMMEs 

20 Michela Milano – University of Bologna

The centre for SMEs: How to ease the uptake of AI technology for SMEs

21 Laura Po – University of Modena and Reggio Emilia

Towards sustainable mobility for citizens and the environment

22 Antony Cooper – Council for Scientific and Industrial Research

Towards inclusive, resilient and sustainable smart cities

23 Balasubramanian Chandramouli – CINECA

Smart Bologna and AI

24 Andrea Teschioni – Leonardo & Elena Francioni – e GEOS

An integrated system for security and mobility management in urban and large areas – RES 2030

25 Gianluca Mazzini – LEPIDA Scpa


26 Buntu Manitshana – SITA

Modernizing and Digitalizing the Public Sector 

27 Paolo Traverso – Bruno Kessler Foundation

Smart PA and Services to Citizens – The FBK approach

28 Alberto Minorini – Head of Mediterranean Area – Italtel

Italtel: provider of Services to Citizens and Smart PA technologies

29 Sanzio Bassini – IFAB 

SuperComputing Application & Innovation

30 Happy Sithole – Council for Scientific and Industrial Research

National Integrated Cyber Infrastructure System

31 Emanuele Scano – Stato Maggiore della Difesa – Italian Armed Forces 

Italian Cyber Defence Infrastructure 

32 Dumisani Ngwenya – Head of Research and Innovation – SENTECH

Infrastructure and Research Aspirations

33 Cristian Randieri – Founder & CEO – Intellisystem Technologies 

Intellisystem Technologies 

34 Happy Sithole – Council for Scientific and Industrial Research

Approaches to digital infrastructure provision

35 Simone Zanotti – E4 Computer Engineering

High Performance Computing

36 Davide Tacchino – Vodacom

Digital solutions for a better future

37 Laura Carpini – Head of Unit for international policies and cyber-security – Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

International Policies and Cyber Security

38 Andrea Teschioni – Leonardo

Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence for a Total Defence

39 Domenico Grandoni – e GEOS

Geo Artificial Intelligence Technologies and Applications from Space

40 Tommaso Santillo – Guardia di Finanza

E.U. External Sea borders surveillance and protection

41 Marjolaine Krug – OCIMS Scientific Advisor and Project Manager– Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment

The National Oceans and Coastal Information Management System

42 Salvatore Di Bartolo – Leonardo & Filippo Daffinà – Product Manager SeonSE (e-GEOS)

Maritime Surveillance from Space

43 Francesco Sferra – Tecnam

Tecnam Aircraft

44 Tholo Pholoto & Andrew Cothill – Institute of Maritime Technology – ARMSCOR

Maritime Domain Awareness

45 John Del Monte – Reserve Force Council 

Creating Jobs while safeguarding the coastline of South Africa

46 Sanzio Bassini – IFAB & Happy Sithole – CSIR

Final remarks

47 A breakout session by Trade & Investment KwaZulu-Natal (TIKZN)

Opportunities in KwaZulu-Natal

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3-4 June 2021

International Convention Centre – Council for Scientific and Industrial Research

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